Final Proof Approval Checklist

  • All items ordered are included in proof set

  • Correct ink, paper & envelope

  • Correct fonts used

  • Text is properly spaced and aligned

  • Information included (wh0, what, when & where) is correct

  • Wording/phasing is correctly typed

  • All dates, names, titles, addresses, emails, phone numbers and websites are correct

  • No spelling and punctuation errors

  • All design elements (dimensions, folds, layers, etc.) is correct 

Approval Statement

By submitting this form, I have thoroughly reviewed the final proof. All proofreading and spelling is my responsibility not Taylor Williams Paperie & Design. I understand all printed products may vary from my computer screen. I grant permission to proceed with production processes. Any other revisions, error corrections or any other changes after this final approval will be considered “new work” and invoiced in addition to projects fees.

If you agree to these terms, please fill in the form below and click “Start Printing”.

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Proofreading *
I have proofread the final proof set. I have checked for errors in spelling, punctuation, etc. I have checked off everything off from the "Final Proof Approval Checklist". I assume full responsibility from this point on.
Printing *
I approve that everything looks correct in the final proof and is ready for printing. Any changes made later will be additional costs once it goes to the printer.
Approval List of Items *
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I am 100% sure that I am ready for my order to go to the printers! *